***We are on summer break! Weekly lessons will resume September 29th, 2019.***

Join our annual “10-Week!”

Every Fall Quarter, we host special weekly lessons filled with Lindy Hop, Charleston, and sometimes some Balboa and Collegiate Shag if time permits. Each lesson builds off the last, but have no fear if you join a couple weeks in! We are happy to help you catch up, and we do a little review at the beginning of each lesson.

The 10-Week can be great if…

  • you’re new and want to learn how to Lindy!

  • you have some experience and want to master the basics so you can keep building your skills on a solid foundation

  • you’ve danced in one role (lead/follow) and want to learn or get better in the other

  • you want to help other dancers get better

Our lessons will begin at 2pm on Sunday, September 29th in room 05-225 on Cal Poly’s campus. For those counting, this will be the “second” weekend after school begins. The 10-Week is $20, which includes all the lessons of Fall Quarter. You’ll also gain an opportunity for a fantastic discount to our wonderful Swing Workshop on the weekend of November 15-17th! This is an event you won’t want to miss!


Every Sunday afternoon - unless we announce otherwise on our Facebook Page.

2pm - 3:30pm Standard Lesson ($3)

Note: During the Fall Quarter, this will be our annual 10-week! Come join us to learn the ropes of swing dancing, or even take the “course” as a role you aren’t used to! This is a great opportunity for new dancers to join the community, or for more experienced dancers to fine-tune their skills or learn the other role.

3:30pm - 4pm Social Dancing! (free)


Our lessons are on Cal Poly’s campus, in building 05, room 225 (the Architecture and Environmental Design building).

Want a more functional map? Open this location in Google Maps here.

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want more lessons? check out the…



World Rhythm & Motion Studio
3422 Miguelito Ct
San Luis Obispo
CA 93401


No prior dance experience necessary! Learn Lindy Hop from the ground up. Perfect for beginning students or those looking to refresh their Lindy Hop basics. We'll work on 8-count rhythms, basic footwork, and a few core moves to get you dancing right away!


For students comfortable with material presented at Level 1 (8-count rhythm, send out, swing out, lindy circle) and have prior Lindy Hop experience. Learn new moves and techniques to build upon Level 1 foundation.