Swing Workshop

November 17 - 19, 2017


Karen & Dabney Hopkins

The Lindy Hopkins (Karen and Dabney) have been dancing together since 2009. They have won various contests and have performed all over the country. They are members of the Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame. They love to teach, and are excited to be a small part of the preservation of jazz and swing. They also run BadAZ Balboa, Swingdependance, and the Phoenix Lindy Exchange. Based out of Mesa, AZ, they run weekly venues and teach all levels of swing. Often they can be seen with their little cohort, Alice.


Our t-shirt sizes range from unisex XS to unisex XXL. Preordered t-shirts will be available for pickup at the door. T-shirt orders are now closed but we will have a limited number for sale at the door for $18.



If you are a member of the current 10-week series or are an alumni who was an officer in the past, please email us as you are eligible for a discount!

General Schedule


Studio @

8PM - 12AM: Social Dancing


Chumash Auditorium

11AM - 4PM: Classes

[11-12] Lead & Follow Styling
[12:15-1:15] Continual Motion
[1:15-1:45] Break
[1:45-2:45] Collegiate Shag
[3-4] Balboa

9PM - 1:30AM: Social Dancing

11PM - 1:30AM: Blues Room


Chumash Auditorium

11AM - 4PM: Classes

[11-12] Charleston Cross-Kicks & Airplanes
[12:15-1:15] Changing Counts
[1:15-1:45] Break
[1:45-2:45] Shaggin' Around
[3-4] Dance Transitions



Lead & Follow Styling

Break down the basics to a level everyone can master and learn some swingout variations and the proper way to swivel.

Continual Motion

Perfect the concepts of continuing direction and momentum to create smooth and dynamic movements that will look and feel amazing

Collegiate Shag

Basics and Beyond


Basics and Beyond


Charleston Cross-Kicks & Airplanes

Learn the most popular Cross-Kicks and Airplanes Variations as well as some Lindy Hopkins originals.

Changing Counts

Learn the Tools to Lengthen or Shorten the Most Common Swing Movements to Better Fit The Music.

Shaggin' Around

Our Favorite Collegiate Shag Variations.

Dance Transitions

Learn our favorite transitional movements to switch from one popular dance to another within the same song. Lindy, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag.



We are no longer taking volunteers. If you have already signed up, keep an eye out for emails about when your shifts will be.


Venues & Directions

Studio @

202 Tank Farm Road, Suite C, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

We are fortunate to be able to use Studio @, home of Ryan's American Dance, as our Friday night dance venue this year. It is located on Tank Farm Road, east of Higuera St.

Chumash Auditorium

McPhee University Union, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

All events on Saturday and Sunday will take place in Chumash Auditorium. Free parking is available in the Grand Avenue parking structure. Chumash Auditorium itself is located inside the University Union, building 65.