Meet the 2017-18 CP Swing and Drop Dead Blues officer team!

Marlee Litzinger

Blues President

This balance of pure energy and suave style is our fantastic President to the Cal Poly drop dead blues club! It is a well-known fact that Marlee has been dancing since the beginning of time, having been a ballerina for most of her life. She made her Cal Poly choreography debut in the Liberation spring dance concert and teaches dance lessons regularly at our weekend drop in lessons. This cool cat outside of dancing is: studying abroad in France, working at engineering internships, but mostly doing homework. She shoots for the stars as a fourth year Aerospace engineering major with a heart of gold and a passion for blues dancing. If she’s not out traveling to blues dancing events or building rockets, be sure to ask this veteran dancer for a turn on the floor; she is out of this world!

Elizabeth Diekman

Swing President

This year's CP Swing president, Elizabeth Diekman, comes from a family of swing dancers--some of whom went to Poly! Despite her family's history in California's swing scene, she manages to stand out as a vibrant personality within our club. You should ask her about her major sometime; it involves a lot of drinking... but fear not, all the booze doesn't impede this Wine & Vit major's dancing in the slightest. Enjoy her laid-back (or as she describes it, lazy) style that'll make you feel like you're buzzed and killin' it on the dance floor. Make sure to ask her to dance; she has all the answers to make this year a swingin' success!

Holley Shugart

Blues Vice President

This year's Blues VP, Holley Shugart, is full of energy and enthusiasm! As a third year food science major, Holley makes some of the best food you will ever have (especially burgers and hot dogs!) Next time you are at Saturday night blues, look for the girl with killer skeleton-themed clothes and you will find Holley. If you enjoy amazing food, cheesy jokes, and friendship, she is the gal for you!


Anna Teiche


Hailing from Bainbridge Island, Washington, this bright, quirky girl is our Design Master. As an Art and Design major, she spends lots of her time drawing, painting, and creating. If you’ve been to a CP Swing or Drop Dead Blues event in the last two years, you’ve seen the results of her hard work. Whether it’s a saxophone-playing octopus, or people swinging out in space, she’s produced designs that’ll knock your socks off! If you’ve ever seen a girl rocking a cat dress or a pineapple romper, and totally pulling it off, that’s Anna. So be sure to ask her for a dance; you’re guaranteed a whale of a time!

Grace Leonard


An icon, a blues lover, a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, and your newest member of the design team, Grace Leonard is a second year graphic design major hailing from Rocklin, California. Grace loves art, old movies, makeup, cool music, and making painful puns. Don’t be scared by her sass, really the best way to know her is to talk to her, so catch her on the dance floor!

Grace Bassett


Grace is one of our newest set of officers, taking on the role of Secretary in the upcoming year. She started dancing at the Fed in Austin, Texas, (her hometown) and has happily added lindy hop and blues to her repertoire. A sophomore in Environmental Engineering, she splits her time between school, swing, and her community-service focused fraternity. Be sure to ask her to dance in order to catch her sassy moves and sweet smile!

David Gillespie


Known far and wide for his aggressive shimmies and jazz move mastery, David, our upcoming treasurer and band coordinator, has been dancing Swing and Blues since he started at Cal Poly in 2014. When not seen busting jazz moves left and right, David can usually be found in the Aerospace design lab, inventing things most of us don’t understand, and plotting his future career as a space garbageman. A Graduate student this year, David is sure to be busy, but be sure to snag him for a dance if you see him, or ask to see his forward and backward tick-tocks, they’re pretty out of this world!

Jenny Apland


The best way to befriend a Jenny is to dab at her and wobble your way towards her from across the room. Beware: Don’t be surprised if she grabs you by the ankles and pulls you under a table. If you are missing anything, see Jenny, she probably has it; she is good at collecting loose items. She is a member of our advertising team, fluent in meme, has a passion for plants, and is an upstanding young hooligan. Dancing with this amazing gal is something you will not soon forget!

Heather Pape

DJ Coordinator & Advertising

Say hello to your new DJ Coordinator and Advertising gal, Heather! She is full of energy and loves making new friends. She gives back rubs to die for, so if you are sore after a dance, she is the person to see. Her enthusiasm for blues is invigorating and her zest for life is unparalleled. Once she found dancing, it didn’t take her long to jump right in. Suddenly she was everywhere: helping coordinate events, traveling near and far, and learning everything she could. So when you see her say hello and make sure to ask for a dance!

Cami Asher

Band Coordinator & Outreach Organizer

Spawned from the swing gods themselves, Cami is filled with a love of dance that will get your swivels going.  Ask her to dance and you’re sure to have a swingin’ good time.  Studying Mechanical Engineering, if you can’t find her on the dance floor, you might just find her in a lab or the library.  Ask her about dancing, engineering, choreography, dancing, music, ice skating, dance, or dancing and watch her light up (or groan about current homework).  Her outfits are always on point and never impede her dancing abilities.  Directing our choreography for the SLOx College Showcase last year, her dance skills are not just limited to herself, but they extend to the people around her!  Dance with her, it’s awesome!!!

Ryan Hartzell


This Colorado native is no stranger to the arts; when he isn’t killin’ it on the dance floor, you can find him singing in the Cal Poly Choir! With momentous Swing-outs, a smooth Blues aesthetic, and stellar computer skills, Ryan rocks both clubs as Webmaster! The beautiful website you see when you search Cal Poly Swing/Blues? Yup, that’s all him! As a Computer Science major, Ryan has all the skills necessary to give y'all a well-designed and interesting platform for information. If you’re looking for a fun and energetic dance, be sure to catch Ryan out on the floor!